We came, we saw, we Tribed at Advertising Week 2016

September 30th, 2016

What a blast we had at Advertising Week 2016! The conference was jam-packed with high-profile speaking engagements, not-to-miss panels, and plenty of great events to attend!

Thursday was a strong day for Tribal in particular, with both GCD Steffany Bane Carey and ECD Kinney Edwards speaking on panels throughout the afternoon.

Steffany’s panel, “Getty Image Makers,” was a discussion of how the intersection of pop-culture, fashion, technology, and social media influence today’s art of storytelling and brand identity.

“Know yourself as a brand. Know your goals. The audience is going to call you out on authenticity,” said Carey.


Later in the afternoon, Kinney spoke on the Creative Carousel, which was a conversation made up of a collection of some of advertising’s most creative executive minds. Throughout the panel, rich and the other panelists discussed their thoughts on creative success, personal inspirations, and what they hope for the future of the business.

“You have to be able to break some eggs, some rules, to get to a good idea,” said Edwards.


In addition to the panels, the week featured a number of special events that we had a blast attending.


The Advertising Week opening gig, hosted by Spotify, kicked off the week on Monday with an amazing performance by DNCE and De La Soul.


Then, to bookend the conference, the Advertising Week wrap party sent everyone out on a high note with an amazing party featuring live music by The Roots. What an awesome way to say goodbye to an amazing week!

Until next, time Advertising Week! Tribal out.



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