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July 29th, 2015

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The Internet of Everything (IoE), Governments and Businesses

The Internet of Everything (IoE), Governments and Businesses


The Internet of Everything – the networked connection of people, process, data and things – has the potential to make governments and businesses more productive, efficient and profitable by reducing silos between departments and agencies, improving data flow, aggregation and mining, and by improving citizen and consumer services.


Cisco’s analysis estimates that IoE is poised to generate $4.6 trillion in Value at Stake for the public sector and more than $14.6 trillion for the private sector over the next 10 years. This article will focus on the potential for governments’ use of the Internet of Things and the implications for the business community.

This valuation stems from the new ability to manage assets, optimize performance and create new business and planning models. The five primary drivers for the public sector’s IoE valuation are: 1) citizen experience, 2) connected militarized defense, 3) cost reduction, 4) employee productivity, and 5) increased revenue. All of these (except for possibly #5) have direct or indirect benefits for its citizens and will improve perception of the elected bodies.

Governments (and their citizens) have already begun utilizing the Internet of Everything to improve the everyday lives of its people. Examples vary, but below are some of the more interesting ones with direct impact on people.

-In Panama City, citizens’ groups placed RF transmitters in potholes that will send tweets to the local government every time a car drives over them. This allows the government to not only identify potholes that it would have had to find manually but also determine the prioritization of repair based on the volume of traffic.

-Smart grid technology enables municipalities to measure residential, commercial and industrial power demand in real time. This allows for a better resource allocation during the heavy demand seasons and time (i.e.,summer, work hours) in order to reduce the instances of outages as well as maintain proper energy source diversification. In one Oklahoma test of the smart grid, 98% of consumers in the test group saved an average of $200 during the 100+ degree summer months.

-In Australia, measures that will allow farmers to monitor their cattle herds offer the possibility of more accurate and timely returns to government for subsidy regimes, and for managing animal health on a national and potentially international scale. For instance, being able to monitor herds from birth enables the tracking of Mad Cow outbreaks to feeding operations or farms, helping to stop the spread of the disease.

Implications: Governments are investing in and implementing the IoE into their strategic platforms and seeing the potential value for their citizens. Businesses should be heavily focused on how they, can benefit from the IoE as well.Businesses and brands should allocate more resources and focus on connecting departments, processes and data to reduce costs and inefficiencies, make more informed decisions and improve delivery effectiveness and ultimately revenue. With $14.4 trillion in value at stake, businesses cannot afford to invest in the Internet of Everything.

At Tribal, we are instituting the principles of the Internet of Everything through our Channel Planning discipline. Channel Planning looks holistically at our clients’ businesses and then plans communications, marketing and advertising approaches rooted in the “hard disciplines” such as objective business goals and data, not only the “soft disciplines” such as consumer insights and creative inspiration like most other agencies. In doing so, we are able to connect data points, model and predict outcomes, and ultimately showcase return on investment for our projects.

If you would like to learn more about Tribal’s Channel Planning capabilities and how they can help your business, please contact Matt at


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