Intel Launches ‘The Escape’ – A YouTube First

June 16th, 2011

Intel today launched “The Escape,” an immersive, entertaining thriller which allows its YouTube audience to take part in the adventure. “The Escape” integrates YouTube, interactivity and social networking into a single seamless experience for the first time.

Inspired by Intel’s earlier film, “The Chase,” “The Escape” breaks through YouTube’s third wall and makes the audience the hero, remotely piloting drones and brawling with assailants to assist the film’s femme fatale in her mission.

Discussing the video, Stephanie Gan, regional manager of advertising and digital programs for Intel Asia Pacific, said: “We wanted to connect with consumers in a personal, engaging and interactive way while demonstrating the visual capabilities of the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family. While YouTube offered the perfect stage for creating this experience, it was important to make some of the interactions social with Facebook integration.”

“Just as Intel’s 2nd Generation Core processors transform your computing experience, this campaign will transform the way you look at the YouTube platform. You’ve never seen YouTube quite like this,” she continued.

In addition to interactivity, “The Escape” integrates elements from the viewer’s social networks, including the option to add pictures of their friends in certain scenes and earn achievement badges to post to their Facebook profiles. It also contains hidden clues for viewers to unlock additional content as they play.

“The Escape” experience was developed for Intel by Tribal DDB and DDB Hong Kong.

Tim Cheng, executive creative director at Tribal DDB Hong Kong, said: “To do justice to the visual benefits of the 2nd Generation Core processors we knew we couldn’t merely tell the product story in a passive, traditional manner. We needed people to experience these benefits in an emotive way, and that’s why we made the audience the hero of this video.”

“In seamlessly bringing together film storytelling, interactive adventure and social networking, we’ve created a product experience that everyone can enjoy. It’s exciting, entertaining, engaging, and it explains technical benefits in a non-technical way,” Tim added.

The campaign features with the tagline ‘Escape to a new world of visual possibilities.’ Launching on June 16, it will run regionally with media spend in India and Australia.

About The Escape

A femme fatale, two ruthless heavies and you. These are the stars of a new film experience from Intel called “The Escape.” This immersive YouTube thriller makes the audience the hero of an adventure that integrates film, interactivity and social networking into a single seamless experience.

In “The Escape,” the lead character – you – must rendezvous with a nameless female secret agent and collect a mysterious envelope. As the two of you are chased by heavies, your view of the world is transformed by Intel’s 2nd Generation Core processors, allowing you to outwit your pursuers and save the day.

The entire experience has been created to take advantage of the user’s social networks. Users can earn achievement badges that they can post to their Facebook profiles, and include their friends’ profile pictures on robots featured in fighting scenes.

The adventure contains hidden clues and treats that allow players to unlock additional content and see a richer view of the world of “The Escape.” For example, QR codes built into the creative allow you to see your pursuers through walls.

Be there for the world premiere of “The Escape” on June 16, 2011

Client Executives: Jayant Murty, Stephanie Gan
Executive Creative: Directors: Tim Cheng, Jeffry Gamble
Account Service: Joanne Tong
Creative Director: Jamal Hamidi
Art Directors: Elizabeth Commandeur, Maurice Moynihan
Copywriter: Thomas Selby
Technical Manager: Tony Wong
Programmer: Chui Yee Tang
Interactive Designer / Flash Developer: Gary Law, Stella Yuen
Project Manager: Sean Chan
Film Director: Lee Chun Chung
Film Production: Hyena Films
Post Production: PO Post Production
Digital Production: Tribal DDB Hong Kong
Creative Agency: DDB and Tribal DDB Hong Kong

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