Tribal London and Volkswagen UK Bring Social Christmas Cheer to Fans

December 18th, 2014


Volkswagen UK and Tribal Worldwide London have unveiled an online film featuring the “People’s Choir” to bring some Christmas cheer to Volkswagen fans in the United Kingdom. The film is part of the brand’s social initiative thanking Volkswagen enthusiasts for their support during the year.

The film will run across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube from Monday, December 15. It features the People’s Choir as they travel around Greater London in their Volkswagen Sharan, spreading goodwill, cheer and serenading office workers and the general public with a host of festive carols.

James Hogwood, Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide London said: “Volkswagen is a brand that’s all about people and making life better for them. So when we’re trying to put seasonal smiles on the faces of our Volkswagen fans, it felt natural to bring those values to the fore.”

Silke Anderson, Communications Manager at Volkswagen UK said: “I loved the idea of spreading a little warmth and festive cheer with the People’s Choir from the People’s car brand.”

Volkswagen Invites Challengers to Beat the New Polo GTI

May 2nd, 2011

Volkswagen unveiled a compact, powerful car that delivers both speed and style: the new Polo GTI. With it, Volkswagen is setting eyes on drivers who prefer life a little faster.

Tribal DDB Singapore has launched a digitally-led campaign that demonstrates speed in a trendy and unconventional way. Speed is presented in the form of a challenge – Beat the new Polo GTI by matching the fast beats of Singapore’s top beat boxer, Dharni.


DDB Group UK launches Volkswagen Configurator iPhone App

February 18th, 2011

DDB Group UK launches into 2011 with a new Car Configurator iPhone App for Volkswagen.

The App is the first in its sector to cover all models, options and accessories across a manufacturer’s entire range.  One of Volkswagen’s many strengths is the breadth of its model range and options. From paint colours and alloy wheels through to spoilers and bike racks, users will be able to design their dream car from a selection of over 90 million different combinations, in the palm of their hand.

The Volkswagen Configurator App is available for free download on iTunes (UK only).  The brand is considering expanding the App to other mobile platforms, as well as the iPad, in the near future. It will be promoted through Volkswagen’s website as well as its social media platforms.