CanTeen Bandanna Art

October 17th, 2012

Bandanna Art is an iPad/iPhone app with a good heart.

Tribal DDB Melbourne have created this app in partnership with CanTeen, an Australian organization that supports and empowers young people living with cancer. Every year on the 26th October, National Bandanna Day is celebrated to raise funding and awareness through the purchase and wearing of bandannas.


Tribal Brings New VW Beetle to Life in Singapore

October 11th, 2012

This work was first published in CampaignAsia where we contribute content.

Tribal Worldwide Singapore transformed a car display into an interactive experience for Volkswagen’s newly-launched 2012 Beetle, reaching 100,000 passersby in two weeks.

Volkswagen launched its all-new 2012 Beetle in Singapore during July. Packed with more power, and loaded with technology, it’s far sportier than its forefathers. As a car that needs no introduction, the iconic silhouette of the bug is one of the most recognisable symbols around the world. Volkswagen aimed to make the 21st Century Beetle the talk of the town.


Tribal DDB Launches New Facebook Game for VW

March 30th, 2012

Tribal DDB Amsterdam has launched ‘Hitchhike with a Like’, a new fully interactive online gaming experience for Volkswagen, featuring the third generation of the legendary Beetle car- 21st century Beetle. The campaign, which has been produced in close collaboration with Facebook, is a true innovation in the field of social media gaming worldwide and launches across 10 markets today.


The campaign, which conveys the authentic spirit of the 60’s Beetle car, promotes the new 21st Century Beetle as the ‘new’ charming rebel- combining the iconic design with the new powerful features of the modern car. There is a prize for the best player- a real 21st Beetle trip across Europe.


DriveShield by DBS Brings the Show to the Road, to Better Prepare Drivers for the Unexpected.

January 24th, 2012

DriveShield by DBS launched its awareness campaign by taking to the road, literally, in the form of live skits performed at traffic junctions in Singapore, to better prepare drivers for unexpected vehicular situations.

The short performances, showcased before curious passers-by, took place at pedestrian crossings, much to the amusement of unsuspecting drivers.