Google + Offers New Challenges, Opportunities for Marketers

September 26th, 2011

This article was first published on the Direct Marketing News Direct by Design blog where we contribute content.

Google + is more than just a new social network and a chink in Facebook’s armor—it’s a critical piece of the Google puzzle. Google won’t stop until it gets it right, and when that happens, I think we’ll see a significant shift in our digital universe, which will have a defining impact on the landscape for marketers, brands, start-ups, consumers and the creative services industry.

Basically, we’re not just talking about a new social network. We are looking at the Googleverse becoming real. If G+ gets significant critical mass, Google’s large suite of products could come together, in unison, to power our whole digital life, 24/7.

On a product level, G+ is good. Even as a beta product, it won fans immediately after its launch. To start with, G+ is easy to use, which is the first essential step in creating value. I find it simple to use the features, find things and change settings. G+ provides me with the ability to manage my life according to the tribes that I associate with via circles, providing a nice balance between sharing publicly and privately with close groups. This is turbo-charged with video chat rooms G+ calls “hangouts.” Dell is already talking about using this feature for customer service.