American Corporate Partners Launches ACP AdvisorNet, a Veteran Focused “Quick Question Community” this Veterans’ Day

November 11th, 2011

PSA Campaign by Tribal DDB and AOL Seeks Advisors for Veterans

American Corporate Partners (ACP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce, today launched ACP AdvisorNet, the only online business related “Quick Question Community” for veterans that provides advice related to career development, employment, and small business directly from business professionals. And in partnership with Tribal DDB and AOL, American Corporate Partners have launched a PSA campaign to build awareness of, and drive participation in the online community.

ACP AdvisorNet is a non-profit venture comprised of Advisors (any individual with business experience) and Veterans (those who served in the armed services, as well as their immediate family members) that aims to help veterans achieve their career goals through advice and expertise from business leaders across the U.S. Advisors are asked to connect through Q&A threads and private messaging and to give an hour a month to answering the business questions of Veterans. All users can ask or answer questions whenever they want, wherever they are, and are able to see the professional and/or military backgrounds of other users, promoting an environment of accountability and trust. Three corporations are supporting the launch of ACP AdvisorNet this month: Alcoa Goldman Sachs, and IBM.  ACP AdvisorNet is funded in part by grants from Alcoa Foundation and Goldman Sachs Gives, a donor-advised fund.  Through Goldman Sachs Gives, the firm and its managing directors have announced support for veterans’ initiatives, through a five-year, $20 million commitment.


Prepare for the Wheel of Concept PR Edition

July 14th, 2011

After the smashing success of the first Wheel of Concept – spun by over 150,000 professionals already – we decided to extend a helping hand to other disciplines as well.

Behold The Wheel of Concept – PR Edition. Full of ground-breaking strategies ready to spin the odds in your favor and project your brand into the stratosphere of notoriety.

Not to say that we reinvented the wheel, but we kind of did.