February 23rd, 2011

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The expectations of skills needed to succeed have changed dramatically in the last few years, with a greater focus on creativity and innovation, but the educational system has remained as rigid as ever. With  the focus on standardized testing, students are losing the opportunity to exercise right brain thinking and potentially losing in the long run as well.

No Right Brain Left Behind is a speed innovation challenge, calling on the creative industries to concept ideas that can help the creativity crisis happening in U.S. schools today. The challenge was issued to creative industries by a collective of thinkers, dreamers, doers, creators, educators, and provocateurs in the creative industries.  in collaboration with Social Media Week,  to combat this problem. During the week-long initiative, participants created and submitted their actionable ideas. Starting on Feb 14, judges  narrowed down ideas into a shortlist of winners over the course of a week. During this week, users could also vote for an idea to be automatically shortlisted for piloting in schools. During the final round, the most-liked idea wins the People’s Choice (honorable mention) award.


Tribal DDB Singapore helps NorthLight students SHINE

January 18th, 2011

In their continued partnership with NorthLight School, digital advertising agency Tribal DDB Singapore has created a fun and innovative channel to help NorthLight students improve their reading competency. Project SHINE, is an initiative which comes under the school’s reading programme.

Project SHINE is an e-book collection of original stories written and read by students of NorthLight who have gone through the school’s reading programme, and made available as an iPad application. SHINE, which adopts the school’s values – Sincerity, Honesty, Innovation, Network and Excellence, seeks to engage students in learning and aid personal development. Many students have had difficulty reading when they first joined the school, but are now able to read fluently and seek to bring the joy of reading to others.


iPad Briefing

October 1st, 2010

If you haven’t already seen our iPad briefing deck on Slideshare, check it out. We created it for our clients in April of this year and it’s a good introduction to the Apple iPad.

With the launch of the iPad on April 3, We need to explore: What it is? How it will be used? How pervasive it will become? Who will use it? How it will engage your consumers? What impact it will have on your brand strategy?