In-Game Advertising

April 17th, 2012

Marketers will spend upwards of $271 million on social game ads this year, and in less than three years, analysts expect mobile game ad spending to reach nearly $900 million annually. When it comes to brands, budgets and games on laptops, mobile devices and connected consoles, the stakes are high. Paul Gunning, CEO of Tribal DDB Worldwide, led a discussion at Ad:Tech San Francisco with Zynga, Electronic Arts and Microsoft. He spoke with the titans of gaming about how they are shaping social, mobile and connected console advertising from the old method of in-game banners to new innovations, rising trends and technologies.

McDonald’s Teams With FarmVille

October 7th, 2010

Tribal DDB, OMD and appssavvy have helped McDonald’s team up with FarmVille today to reach social gamers in a unique way through the #1 application on Facebook.

The McDonald’s FarmVille special event promotion features:

McDonald’s Farm:

The McDonald’s farm on FarmVille during the one day event will be highlighted to players as a ‘Neighbor Farm,’ which players can interact with from their own farms. Players visiting the McDonald’s Farm can help by growing tomato and mustard seed crops.

McCafe® FarmVille Consumable:

Player interaction is rewarded with a FarmVille McCafe Consumable, a valuable item (virtual good) that makes game-play easier. The McCafe Consumable delivers energy to players to move about their farms at twice the speed.

McDonald’s Hot Air Balloon FarmVille Decoration:

In addition, players helping out on the McDonald’s Farm will earn a virtual McDonald’s Hot Air Balloon to decorate their personal farm.

Throughout the Monopoly campaign, McDonald’s will also own supporting video and display media around FarmVille’s gameplay.

McDonald’s Monopoly:

Play Anywhere

June 22nd, 2010

We created the biggest online game of MONOPOLY ever. A global online campaign that takes the game into the real world with a live worldwide game of MONOPOLY, using Google Maps to turn the globe into one giant game board!

First, we started momentum in the campaign by creating a competition for MONOPOLY fans to design their own MONOPOLY building using Google SketchUp to be included in the game. The community then voted for the top 3 designs which were included in the game. The game then went live and, armed with $3 million in virtual cash players purchase and construct MONOPOLY buildings on any street in the world. They earn rent from their properties and can increase the earning potential of their streets by adding schools, eco-friendly parks and much more. With Chance Cards, players can sabotage their opponents by erecting prisons or sewage plants, negating all rent on a street, and even demolish buildings altogether.

Get Schooled By Gary

April 28th, 2010

Pepsi invites fans to take their experience to the max and creates a mentor for football fans everywhere.

Join Gary Smith, the self-pronounced world champion at watching football from his own living room, as he teaches you how to make the most out of watching football on the telly. The competition “Scream Your Way to Victory” challenges users to lip-sync their best victory scream, either by screaming directly into their microphone, or by uploading a pre-recorded scream.