Volkswagen Fast Lane

Tribal DDB and Volkswagen decided that the best way to promote its new model, the Polo GTI, amidst the movement for environmental consciousness was to underscore its best qualities: fun to drive and speedy.  So they created the fast lane, an actual racetrack that was integrated into everyday situations to ameliorate and expedite them.  In other words, the campaign gave people the chance to get from point A to point B more quickly and to have more fun in the process, whether it be browsing the grocery store aisle or descending an elevator in the mall.

People utilizing the fast track were captured in the act by a hidden camera and the footage was posted on social networks to reach VW’s target audiences.  People were invited to comment on Facebook and take part in the fast lane contest.  The campaign succeeded in creating a lot of awareness, gaining 12,000 friends on Facebook, and making what were normally mundane tasks fun.  The website attracted 283,560 page views and 3,481,775 video views.