Philips The Sound of Creation

Philips Fidelio audio products are designed for real music lovers, a sceptical audience. To demonstrate that Philips is ‘obsessed with sound’ and show real music lovers the craftsmanship that goes into creating the Philips Fidelio audio products, we created ‘The Sound of Creation’. An interactive musical story that shows the passion and craftsmanship that goes into creating the nine Philips Fidelio audio products.

To introduce the Philips Fidelio audio products in a way that would be appreciated by sceptical music lovers, we interviewed Philips sound engineers and designers in Hong Kong and Belgium, and ended up with nine inspiring stories of the overall creative process.

These stories were brought to life by nine seamless video loops directed by Gustav Johansson, each accompanied by a specially composed music track by Washed Out. All layers tie into each other seamlessly. To maintain suspense, the experience gets richer over time, stacking layer after layer, resulting in a complete music track in the end. People don’t have to idly watch the story unfold, but can interact with the experience at any moment. Using their mouse or number 1 to 9 on their keypad, they are invited to create their own musical composition.