Philips Obsessed with Sound

To demonstrate that Philips is ‘Obsessed with sound’ and claim that you can hear every detail with the brand’s audio products we created an unique interactive experience using sound, film and data visualisation.

We collaborated with the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orchestra and recorded a specially composed music piece in 55 separate music tracks. On the website, viewers can experience the music video as a whole or can single out each musician to hear every detail and discover more about the musicians.

The experience starts through Facebook, where we released trailers, behind the scenes footage and product information. Updates on the Facebook page are focused on increasing the level of interaction with the target audience. To accomplish this and increase buzz we launched a music competition on Facebook. The best upcoming ‘unheard’ musical talent gets their track specially rewritten for the orchestra to play. The website was supported by print, outdoor, launch event at IFA, banners, POS, an exclusive partnership with The Economist, trailers and behind-the-scenes videos. All these media interacted with and complimented the campaign.