Pampers an iMedia Banner Directed by Mums

Pampers presented a new diaper with an innovative “RTB Layer” for extra absorption. Instead of the typical product demo, we decided to let real babies show the results by uploading videos of their smiles after waking up.

Light, camera, ¡SMILES!

Your baby and his laugh can be in Para Ti Mamá.

Mums filmed their babies and sent the videos to Pampers Community. After receiving the videos, we answered each mum by email in order to tell them date and website where their babies would be the star of our advertising. They proudly shared it on social networks with their families and friends; and we get a contagious laughter. More than 252.000 mums participated. We exceeded by 20% the number of clicks estimated in the iMedia campaign. The videos uploaded led Pampers Brand Channel to Top 10 in Argentina. We duplicated registrations average in