McDonald’s Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

The latest addition to the McCafé line of premium drinks is rolling into town just in time for summer – new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. And with a drink that’s so sweet, tart, tangy and juicy, there was only one way to spread the news. A talking lemon.  This animated wonder, voiced by Steve Schirripa (known to many fans of “The Sopranos”) becomes the star of his own campaign in the playful, engaging TV and radio spots created by DDB.

Tribal DDB had a unique opportunity to dig a little deeper and explore the entire story of our lemon hero.  An interactive landing page was developed on that allows users to spend time with the brand as they interact with the talking lemon.  It highlights the lemon’s rise to fame, how he met a sweet, little strawberry and showcases a back-story about his own family tree.

Tribal DDB also crafted site-specific content for sites such as Hulu, YouTube and Facebook.  By creating these sequential :15 and :30 second animated video ads, as well as animated Facebook status updates, we are able to inform users about the new product and entertain them through original branded content.  Additionally, rich media ads serve up a game where the user can try and find the lemon behind a cup and get a coupon to try the delicious beverage in-store.