McDonald’s Monopoly

While McDonald’s fared well throughout the recession, the same cannot be said for Monopoly.  Therefore, Tribal DDB had to figure out an innovative way to revitalize Monopoly and drive sales in the midst of a slumping economy.  It did so through the mantra of “back to the basics.”  However, the multifaceted campaign was anything but basic.

The campaign leveraged the targeted messaging capabilities of digital media with an individualized message in each online banner.  It created a central location online through which to communicate all McDonald’s Monopoly related content, referred to as “The Thrill of the Game” social aggregator.  This site promoted a wide variety of prizes through partnerships with various brands.

In addition to providing an informational hub, Tribal DDB sought to spark social conversations about Monopoly and proliferate these discussions by steaming them in Facebook status updates and re-tweeting Twitter content pertaining to McDonald’s brand pages.  Lastly, the campaign developed unique custom programs, such as the Farmville integration, the first Farmville brand farm ever.  This created additional hype about Monopoly and further amplified its visibility in social media with Facebook status updates and an event page for McDonald’s Farmville.

All of the various initiatives of the campaign worked in tandem with each other to greatly increase the attention to McDonald’s Monopoly.  There were 1.8mm page views of Monopoly on the McDonald’s landing page.  As many as 26% of consumers who visited the page clicked through the food related pages and 42% clicked through the prize-related pages.  The monopoly mobile page received 200,000mm page views and the Farmville partnership resulted in an impressive 12.3 mm visits with 3.5 mm unique visits, 40% above the estimated average.  Lastly the Farmville promotional Facebook page underwent 4 status updates which drove 4mm impressions, 6,800 likes, and 2,200 comments.