KLM Tile & Inspire

Royal Dutch Airlines wanted people all over the world to connect KLM back to its Dutch heritage and feel part of the brand. We launched a campaign called Tile & Inspire, where people could transform their Facebook profile picture into a slice of Dutch tradition: a Delft blue tile.

For ages the Dutch created Delft blue tiles,depicting typical Dutch scenes together with inspirational words. This old tradition was revamped by asking social network members around the world to convert their profile picture into a Delft blue tile, featuring their face and their personal inspirational words. The most inspirational tiles were selected for a spot on the body of a real KLM 777-200. Next to a rich campaign site and Facebook app, there was a Delft blue animation film to kick-off the campaign, personalised videos for winners and a film about the making of this special plane.

The Delft blue animation film quickly reached half a million views on YouTube. After three weeks, more than 120,000 tiles were created in the campaign’s 8 key countries. On average consumers spent over 5 minutes on our site. In the highly commoditized and competitive airline category, KLM’s brand preference rose from 14% to 19% in its key markets. Hundreds of blogs wrote positively about the Tile & Inspire campaign, as well as several magazines and newspapers. We were able to measure thousands of Facebook posts and Tweets. Up until the start of September 2011, the “Making Of” film collected 750,000 views on YouTube.