KLM Be My Guest

KLM introduces Meet & Seat. With this service you can choose who you want to sit next to on a KLM flight, by simply matching your social media profile with other passengers. To support this launch, we invited internet users to have a ‘virtual chat’ with one of six Dutch celebrities (famous in different fields of interest). And possibly win a trip accompanying them on a KLM flight.

To lead people to the campaign we created 3 interest-specific films, starring Ruud Gullit the footballer, fashion model Yfke Sturm, and world-famous DJ Armin van Buuren. These films generated over 11 million views and were quickly picked up by football, fashion and music blogs. Additionally banners, Facebook ads, billboards at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and print in KLM-media lead traffic to the heart of the campaign: a HTML5 website where 6 Dutch celebrities asked visitors questions to deduce if you were their kind of travelling companion. After your virtual conversation an animated summary was created which you could share via social media, driving more traffic back to the site.

The targeted approach based on personal interest was very successful, resulting in over 11 million views and the no. 1 most viewed airline on YouTube. Participants stayed on the campaign site for an average of 3.2 minutes. Research shows that 54.5% of the respondents have an improved image of KLM (from 21.2% in the Dutch home market to 85.4% in Russia). The likeliness to fly KLM in the future (brand preference) increased 31% on average in all markets. Awareness of KLM’s Meet & Seat has increased by 7% on average in all countries, and in the US even over 35%!