H&R Block

Tribal DDB led the Digital Strategy for tax season 2010 with the specific objective of establishing a leadership position and increasing traffic to the site by 20%, where we would then increase conversion to the online tax product by a defined margin. Rooted in the insight that taxes are a fraught, tedious obligation for which consumers seek a clear, reliable, efficient resource, the digital strategy “Get It Right” emerged as resonant and effective.

In order to convey the expertise, authority and “of-the-moment” nature of the brand, online banners were created as contextual units e.g., “Does Installing a Basketball Hoop Qualify as Home Improvement?” on ESPN.com college basketball coverage.  At the height of the quiz trend on Facebook, the brand’s platform was launched asking Fans to take a fun, short quiz to determine “How deductible are you?” which was of course, shareable.  Direct response banners were templated to feed dynamic content through in real time, enabling immediate reactions to market response and competitive actions.

The coordinated, integrated campaign resulted in an 80% increase in CTR and exceeded the objective; driving 30% more traffic to the site.