Cerveza Sol Facebook

The slogan of the Cerveza Sol brand is “La vida es fresca”, or “Life is cool”. Our primary objective was to create a community where the young would feel identified, and engage them to create a relationship: not with the product, but with the brand itself.

The client’s brief was to develop a Page where fans could find relevant and interesting content, which would keep up with the pace of the brand’s website’s, which develops different content every day. The Page followed the same premise, but had several objectives:

• to broadcast website content
• create and share content directed to the brand’s target that would encourage fans to share with their friends
• engage consumers to actively use the brand’s communication platforms.

Reaching all of Mexico, the Page was supported by other internet platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, and the brand’s website. The principal objective of the Page was to obtain more than 50,000 fans by the end of 2010. This objective was fully accomplished, with almost 60,000 fans in one year. It also created a community of active and engaged youngsters. In the second half of the year, our number of fans increased 225% over the previous six months. Of our almost 60,000 fans, we have a fixed rate of 25,000 active monthly users. We were also able to increase the visitors’ traffic from referring sites on the brand’s website by 22%, providing a new source of absolutely new visitors.