Get Your Facts Straight

The BC Farmed Salmon industry was constantly under attack due to one-sided misinformation. The core tactic was that with every myth, there is a fact; for every fact, there is a myth.  Our multi-platform campaign dispelled all common myths with fact.

Through social media channels (twitter, facebook and YouTube), we broadcasted the facts and invited the public to the website to join in on the discussion. Although copy heavy, our fact-based print ads exposed the myths with compelling and humorous truth. For television, the idea of “don’t believe everything you hear” encouraged the viewer to question their information, their sources. Our Public Relations efforts gave us exposure to journalists who published articles, radio and TV hits, third party spokesperson exposure. The focus for all platforms was on driving traffic back to the website.

The website was the focal point, the hub.  It provided one stop shopping on all facts and myths, provided the vehicle and the venue for discussions and posting/blogging, housed articles and videos.  As part of the focus on transparency, all public comment was posted – positive and negative.  Negative comment was also challenged with positive facts.