McDonald’s Legends of McRib iAd

November 10th, 2010

We talked to Jaime Guerrero, Business Director at Tribal DDB Chicago about his latest work for McDonald’s -  an iAd for the The Legends of McRib campaign.

1.       What is the strategy behind the iAd campaign?

Well, first off, we believe that the iAds format really is an ideal tool for great storytelling. With McRib we saw an opportunity to extend “The Legends of McRib” story, so Tribal DDB came up with the idea of offering some new and unique experiences in the iAd platform, including giving users the chance to test their McRib knowledge with a quiz, offer fun wallpaper images, as well as an interactive map to find the McRib nearest them. All of these interactive elements serve to further engage the consumer and support the overall campaign in a fun new way.

2.      Why do it?

It really is all about being able to tell a story. But this new mobile experience from the apple iAd platform uniquely puts the campaign in a consumer’s hands where they can interact with it and spend some time with it. It helps create a stronger connection between them and the brand.

3.      How are you getting the word out about this?

This is part of the media buy that will run with the campaign time period on the apple iAd platform and featured in iPhones and iTouch devices.

Jaime Guerrero, Business Director, Tribal DDB Chicago – Jaime leads the McDonald’s Global business and works on behalf of his clients to develop winning online brand marketing campaigns. Beyond account service, his duties include setting strategic direction, driving revenue growth, increasing efficiencies and representing Tribal DDB Chicago in the digital market place.


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