Tribal New York Throws Shine for 3 Musketeers

October 25th, 2016

The simple gesture of giving a 3 Musketeers bars is Tribal New York’s way of “Throwing Shine” and hopefully brightening your day. It is small acts like sending a chocolate bar, sending a compliment, or just sharing a smile that can inspire a larger movement of positivity. And this positive movement of “Throwing Shine” is exactly what 3 Musketeers is working to initiate.

Starting a conversation or finding the right words to say can be hard. It’s even harder when you’re a teenager, especially in today’s digital age where they’re expressing themselves on dozens of social channels that are also chock full of trolls and cyberbullies. But the new concept of “Throwing Shine” is extending the brand’s digital-first approach and making it simpler to start and continue a positive conversation in the digital world, as well as through our new packaging, which becomes a relevant form of social currency. Inspired by teen insights, the #ThrowShine campaign is intended to empower teens in relevant environments and encourage positive acts.

In a unique new digital video series created by Tribal Worldwide, viewers can not only see but also feel the emotional impact of “Throwing Shine.” In the videos, the stories of three teens are intertwined to reveal a larger story. Over the course of three films, each teen “Throws Shine” illustrating how each teen’s simple acts and gestures create a sweet moment for someone else. The tagline “A little bit of shine goes a long way,” is in contrast to much of the “shade” thrown at teens these days via social channels.

The three video stories will be available via YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, working in tandem with an influencer program and consumer promotions. All three spots are set to a soundtrack of “This Little Light of Mine” performed by Bea Miller, a 17 year old popular contestant from season two of the X Factor who reflects the positive behaviors we’re looking to reinforce.

 If you haven’t yet seen, here are links to the 3 Musketeers YouTube page to see the three stories. The pieces are moving and inspiring, reflecting the power of how A Little Bit of Shine Goes a Long Way.


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