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December 1st, 2011

Welcome to the Tribal DDB weekly Smoke Signals trend report, news from the frontier of digital marketing. We’ve scoured the net to bring you the hottest stories in the digital, media, and marketing space. Have any thoughts on any of these stories? We want to hear what you think!

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Visualizing the EMRs of the United States

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Visualizing the EMRs of the United States

MIT and GE have partnered to gain further insight into causal and correlated relationships in US health care through Health Infoscape. Accessing 7.2 million electronic medical health records, Health Infoscape creates a user-friendly tool to understand the relationship between different symptoms and conditions.

This interactive tool allows a casual user to find out whether insomnia often leads to weight gain.  Or might allow a deeper dive into the relationship and impact of various long-term health conditions.

Implications: Look for more tools designed to connect users to health care information.  With a rise in digitalized health records along with a movement toward consumer-driven health care, people are both able to and motivated to investigate and personalize health information. Furthermore look for more infographics to simplify public health efforts- aggregating data to support larger, analysis and comprehension.

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Google Maps 6.0 for Android will include interior mapping of airports, malls, and other selected partners.  By adding this functionality to the mobile platform, Google further integrates its services into the full consumer search process.  Imagine the consumer who researches a product on Google, finds a store and maps a route to the mall via Google Maps. Now the consumer has the ability to use Google as a guide for the final steps to the store’s doorway.

Implications: Location-based services are the differentiating benefits of mobile platforms.  Look for Google and other providers to continue to innovate and to increase the specificity of these services with direct relationships to commerce.

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