Rich Guest speaks at SXSW 2017

March 15th, 2017

This past weekend brought SXSW Interactive to Austin in a flurry of events, panels, and tacos. Among these activities, Tribal North America’s own Rich Guest made a very special appearance on a panel entitled Is Authenticity in Advertising Possible?“ hosted by BazaarVoice. Oh, and among the other panelists: Ja Rule.

During the panel, Ja Rule and Rich along with the other panelists bantered about how brands are now held accountable for their messaging, and Ja Rule discussed his brand Fyre and how he’s taken his adult life to transition from hip-hop artist to mentor and business professional. On the other end of the panel, Rich talked about how brands in 2017 have to live up to their messaging because they can’t hide anything from their audiences anymore; they have to operate under the assumption that everything they do is visible to their consumer. He also discussed how the message from Tribal’s recent #ThrowShine campaign for 3 Musketeers was so successful that a local high school independently created a ‘Throw Shine Day’ where they actually put together a whole program using the brand’s messaging.

Great job to Rich Guest – we hope to see more of you at SXSW in the future!

To read more about Rich’s panel, visit the Austin Business Journal here.


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