Tribal DDB brings on Bumpin’ Bunnies this Chinese New Year

January 31st, 2011

Tribal DDB Singapore has launched an iPhone game app to mark the Year of the Rabbit, which begins on Chinese New Year Day, February 3.

To usher in the festive spirit, the team has created a multi-player game for iPhone called “Bumpin’ Bunnies”. It’s a game with everything – lucky numbers, gold coins, simple game-play for groups and of course, bunnies.

“Chinese New Year is a time for exuberant reunions of family and friends. We wanted to provide an unconventional yet fun way to engage both the young and old, while at the same time spread good cheer of abundant prosperity, luck and joy to all,” said Jeff Cheong, executive creative director and head of Tribal DDB Singapore.

As the story goes, the bunnies are here to welcome the New Year, but they need their zodiac coins. Players compete with one another to collect gold zodiac coins. The game was created to be a social magnet, pulling together family and friends regardless of age or gender, in a simple activity that’s plain fun and 100% true to the spirit of the celebration.

Bumpin’ Bunnies” game app is now available free for download at the Apple App Store.

Additional screenshots:

The bunnies are out of their burrows to welcome the Chinese New Year, but they’ve lost their gold zodiac coins. And without them, they won’t be able to usher in fortune and prosperity! Now, it’s up to you and your bunny to save the world. It’s bumpin’ time!


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