Dogumentaries from Tribal Worldwide highlight the special bond between owners and their dogs

October 25th, 2016

IAMS has launched a new digital campaign developed by Tribal Worldwide which features two videos that showcase the special bond between two dogs and their owners. Shot in a cinematic style from the perspective of the dog owner, the videos titled “Dogumentaries” take the focus off of dogs simply eating good food, and put the focus on the relationship between dog and owner and the active lifestyles of dogs that eat IAMS. The videos showcase how these dogs and their owners live “happily ever – IAMS.”

The first dogumentary shares Jody’s emotional story and special bond with his dog, Levi, as they help each other regain strength after being physically injured.

The second dogumentary showcases the relationship between a rescue dog, Karma, and his owner, Susan, who is adjusting to a new city. The story reinforces how sustaining your pet’s life can translate to a better, healthier you.

The Dogumentaries videos are the first pieces of content IAMS has created purely for digital use on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


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