What Party Planners Know About Social Media

October 10th, 2011

When approaching social platforms, many marketers are daunted by the plethora of options, its elusive nature that cannot be measured using traditional metrics, and harsh critique from opinionated consumers.  However, there are ways to mitigate the confusion and streamline the social planning process. In fact, social planning for a brand can be as straightforward as planning for a party.

Jason Rockwood uses the party planning analogy to effectively plan a social strategy across four components of the social process including listening, understanding, participating and measuring.  These components can be paralleled with the four sequential steps to planning a party: plan, prepare, party, and perfect. In posing basic questions like what theme should the party be?, Is it a cocktail party or a party with colleagues?, Do we have permission to use this venue?,  How will people find out about the party?, and How will we know if people had a good time?, this presentation sheds light on the necessary considerations a marketer must confront in order to carry out a coherent and successful social media campaign that has well articulated motives, set parameters, a clear target audience, and valid metrics for success. “The Party is the Platform: What Party Planners Know about Social Media Strategy,” by Jason Rockwood succinctly and entertainingly lays a framework for all marketers to conceive of, plan, execute, and evaluate their future social media campaigns.

By the time you’ve finished listening to this engaging presentation, you’ll walk away with:

A complete understanding of the social media process
An easy-to-share model for explaining social media to your colleagues and clients
An ability to see how the various parts of a social strategy fit together
An insight into the brands that throw great parties and why they’re successful

    Jason’s deck is available below and is a fun way to navigate your social media strategy. You can also see his Advertising Week presentation on video here [Timestamp: 54:07].

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