Redefining the Relationship Between the Consumer, Advertising and Media Platforms

March 5th, 2013


Digital Hollywood Media Summit began this week at the McGraw-Hill Building in New York City. As the day began, Seth Friedman, Managing Partner and Head of Planning at Tribal DDB New York, engaged the audience in a discussion about contextual media and advertising with a panel of fellow experts. The panel was titled “Contextual Media & Advertising: Transforming and Redefining the Relationship Between the Consumer, Advertising and Media Platforms”.

The world is becoming an ever-growing contextual media and information experience. Additional to Seth Friedman, panelists gathered to discuss the subject moderated by Abby Marks, Director of Strategy and Operations, at OgilvyEntertainment. Panelists included: Mohan Renganathan, SVP, Group Director, Digital & Innovation; MediaVest Worldwide, Nelson Freitas; EVP, Director of Planning, Wunderman New York; CJ Yu, VP, Branded Entertainment & Integrated Media, The Story Lab, Aegis Media Americas; Angela Wei, Chief Digital Officer, ArnoldNYC; and Chandra Cirulnick, Specialist Sales Executive; Microsoft Advertising.

Consumers get to watch TV news shows that lean to the left or to the right depending on how they like it. And on the web, the degrees to the left and to the right can be calibrated down to the millimeter. Radio is broken down so that stations can reach and satisfy a distinct and unique group of listeners and the web can drill down even further than that. The panel covered a wide range of topics from the degree of personalization and how fast it arrives, the shift from audience to individual and the opportunity to execute at scale, who consumers are now and how to think of them relative to media and engagement, and the question of how do we execute across platforms such as Twitter/Instagram seamlessly? (Hint – Talk to each other and play nice).

Additional topics discussed included the issue of “Do Not Track and how it should create a better, healthier ad ecosystem in the long run, and that while the system has yet to be improved, the learning curve of contextual media content to the consumer along with its advertising and commerce-based partnering activities is happening. The session ended in discussion about the need to be more responsive and nimble, willing to try and respond in real-time, vs. a “plan, plan, plan” approach.


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