Participation Trumps Passive: The Future Of Television And Social Networks

March 24th, 2011

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Television, as we know it, is dying. According to the Wall Street Journalthe average age of prime-time viewers hit 51 this year. Kids would rather play Xbox or watch Hulu. Fortunately, television still has something going for it, and we’re not talking about iPad apps or mobile streaming. Rather, we’d like to discuss the emergence of a new hybrid medium.

Traditional TV is where hundreds of thousands or millions of people gather for a shared experience. Enter Facebook and Twitter. These social networks collide with TV to result in something even bigger. Viewers are now participants; participants are now connected, which has implications for the actual content. When we frame the situation as a battle between the Internet and TV, or a zero-sum game, we are calling it from a blind spot. Instead, what we should see is that both live TV and real-time information are converging to reinforce each other and in the process are creating something new.

Caleb Kramer is a trader of ideas and advocate of possibilities. He is an engagement planner at   MobileBehavior, a Tribal DDB Company, in New York City. He also writes for PSFK, a go-to source for new ideas.

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  • Mike says:

    This is a war that will so be a changing paradigm. As youtube and other online video web portals continue to dip their toes into live broadcast. There are some old rich guys up there shaking in their boots. The future of TV is internet broadcast. I hope the major networks are prepared for that day.

    Keep going Tribal DDB your on the right track

    –Mike Tyler
    War Room Studios

  • Benon says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brihgnteed my day!