Tribal Worldwide and ULTRA Forge QA Partnership to Deliver Digital Excellence

September 21st, 2015

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Tribal Worldwide, part of Omnicom Group’s DDB Worldwide Communications Group, and ULTRA Testing, a high-quality software testing company that employs individuals with Asperger’s syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles, today announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at delivering excellence in digital production.

The partnership brings together the award-winning creative services of Tribal Worldwide’s New York office and ULTRA’s agile software testing capabilities, in which ULTRA will be the exclusive quality assurance (QA) and testing partner for all of the office’s clients, while creating employment for talent with autism spectrum disorders.

Founded in 2012 by MIT engineers Art Shectman and Rajesh Anandan, ULTRA Testing has pioneered a commercially viable business model for employing talent on the autism spectrum, using a rigorous recruiting process that doesn’t rely on resumes or interviews and specialized management tools to facilitate efficient interactions, as well as a remote work environment designed to empower neuro-diverse teams. ULTRA’s testers, who have deep technical skills and heightened abilities like pattern recognition, are paired up with seasoned engagement managers recruited from top-tier digital agencies and software development firms.

“ULTRA is an amazing company with both an important mission and an innovative business model.  Importantly, ULTRA delivers world-class quality assurance testing services that help Tribal New York exceed its clients’ expectations. We’re proud to have built a partnership that is not only meeting a critical business need, but is also creating a lasting social impact,” said Rich Guest, President of Tribal Worldwide- North America.

“Our teams are 100% onshore, agile-trained, and consistently extend bug detection rates for our clients. We’re purpose-built for agencies and development shops, and have been perfecting our delivery model over the past three years to make the service effortless to consume,” said Art Shectman, Co-founder of ULTRA Testing. “We’re thrilled to partner with an agency as forward-thinking and admired as Tribal, and to have the opportunity to ensure that their innovative campaigns are delivered to consumers exactly as intended.”

Three and a half million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder and one in 68 children are being diagnosed with autism. Up to one third of adults with autism have a high school diploma and in some cases undergraduate and graduate degrees, and yet 80% of the population is not employed due to challenges with communication and social interactions.

About ULTRA Testing
ULTRA Testing is a New York based company that provides high-quality software testing services. We deliver consistently superior results through onshore teams that include individuals with Asperger’s syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles, who can have heightened abilities that are an exact match for software testing; e.g., pattern recognition, attention to detail, and tolerance for repetition. For brands, agencies and developers requiring consistently high-quality software testing, ULTRA provides a highly responsive, competitively priced onshore service. For talent on the autism spectrum, ULTRA provides an opportunity to excel at their jobs in a working environment designed to fully utilize their exceptional talents. For more information about ULTRA visit:


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