adidas Challenges Canadians to #RunMore

May 7th, 2015


Returning to its athletic roots, adidas wishes to reinforce its reputation as a brand for all sports by becoming a champion of running culture. To encourage Canadians to embrace the sport, adidas Canada has partnered with Tribal Worldwide Canada to create a socially meaningful platform to entice urban runners.

Based on the insight that once someone gets over the hump and running stops sucking, all they crave to do is run more, the new platform includes a dynamic and interactive destination site, positioned as a go-to hub for young urban runners looking to step-up their game.

With one of the biggest obstacles for urban runners being finding interesting places to run, the virtual community profiles a number of “hidden gem” routes from four major cities across Canada. Each route will be accompanied by Spotify playlists tailored to match the unique characteristics of the environment – from a gritty hip-hop playlist that complements graffiti alley in Toronto’s Spadina district, to a thumping Metal playlist to encourage runners to keep the pace until the very last step of Montreal’s Mount Royal staircase. Users are also invited to suggest their favourite routes and playlists to be added over time.

Participating cities include Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Driving users is #runmore an emotionally charged 60-second video. The beautifully narrated motivational spot features the adidas flagship running shoe, Ultra Boost, which incorporates adidas’ innovative BOOST technology, which returns energy back to the runner. Much like the technology found in the shoe, the visuals tell a tale of the unique experiences that runners encounter only at night.  Pre-roll and paid social ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also drive to the site.

“There’s that one stride in a runner’s life that changes everything. Where a runner goes from hating it to craving it. That’s the moment we focused on,” explains Joshua Stein, executive creative director, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto.  “We tapped into the psyche of the urban runner who, despite how chaotic their schedules may be, find a way to push through these proverbial walls, because they have to run. They need to run.  For Tribal, that was the emotional way in. For adidas, it was the opportunity to breakthrough.”

The initiative is supported by a strategic media relations and blogger outreach program coordinated by DDB Public Relations targeting lifestyle and health and fitness influencers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Sponsored content featuring the influencers own “hidden gem” routes will encourage followers to map out their own beloved routes on for a chance to win a year’s worth of adidas running apparel.

The #RunMore platform will live on via a series of running clinics at adidas performance stores across Canada.

Canadian Tire Encourages Canadians To Shovel It Forward

February 11th, 2015


Nothing defines Canadian identity more than winter. The harshness of winter brings out the best in people, and unifies the nation because Canadians don’t survive winter alone – they thrive in it together. This week, Canadian Tire in partnership with Tribal Worldwide Toronto launched Shovel It Forward, a new social campaign driven by Canadian kindness that encourages and arms Canadians to shovel a neighbor’s snow.

Following a series of snowfalls that took place across the country this past week, Canadians in eight communities were surprised with a clear driveway and an iconic shovel left on their doorstep, engraved with instructions to pass it on by shovelling snow for someone else. Participants are also encouraged to visit where they can watch the campaign video, retrace where the shovels have been placed across Canada, read stories about neighbourly kindness, and see photos and sentiments that have been shared on social via #SHOVELITFORWARD.

“This program is rooted in the age-old practice of shovelling a neighbour’s driveway or sidewalk, simply because it’s the Canadian thing to do,” says Joshua Stein, Executive Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide Toronto. “No brand understands life in Canada better than Canadian Tire. Shovel It Forward is a great way for us to demonstrate this.”


Shovel It Forward launched on February 5, 2015 with activations in Boucherville, QC; North Bay, ON; Corner Brook, NL; Leduc, AB; Yorkton, SK; Winnipeg St. Boniface, MB; Antigonish, NS and Fernie, BC. For the next four weeks, promoted video and photos will appear on Facebook and Twitter to amplify Shovel It Forward stories and drive to

As a sign of solidarity and with hopes of growing the Shovel It Forward movement, Canadian Tire is also sending 20 of its branded shovels to the Greenfield, Wisconsin Fire Department, which recently responded to a cardiac call from an elderly man while shoveling his driveway. After taking the elderly man to the hospital, the fire fighters returned to the man’s home to finish the job.


Tribal London and Volkswagen UK Bring Social Christmas Cheer to Fans

December 18th, 2014


Volkswagen UK and Tribal Worldwide London have unveiled an online film featuring the “People’s Choir” to bring some Christmas cheer to Volkswagen fans in the United Kingdom. The film is part of the brand’s social initiative thanking Volkswagen enthusiasts for their support during the year.

The film will run across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube from Monday, December 15. It features the People’s Choir as they travel around Greater London in their Volkswagen Sharan, spreading goodwill, cheer and serenading office workers and the general public with a host of festive carols.

James Hogwood, Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide London said: “Volkswagen is a brand that’s all about people and making life better for them. So when we’re trying to put seasonal smiles on the faces of our Volkswagen fans, it felt natural to bring those values to the fore.”

Silke Anderson, Communications Manager at Volkswagen UK said: “I loved the idea of spreading a little warmth and festive cheer with the People’s Choir from the People’s car brand.”

Tribal New York’s “DXM Labworks“ Named FWA’s Mobile Of The Day

December 10th, 2014


The Favorite Website Awards (The FWA), a leading industry recognized award program, has named Tribal New York’s “DXM Labworks” campaign with the distinction of Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) for December 10, 2014. Created by Tribal Worldwide’s New York office for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, the digital campaign allows users to experience the harmful effects of DXM abuse in a virtual environment without having to try it for themselves.

Targeting teens between the ages of 13 and 19, Tribal New York in association with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association has proudly introduced the DEXTROBOT – a customizable robot created to test symptoms and demonstrate the inhibiting affects that DXM could have on an individual. The campaign also includes an informational website housed at where users can learn about the ingredient, the effects and sample test cases of abuse.

Kinney Edwards, Executive Creative Director at Tribal New York said, “The campaign and app were designed with our target’s digital behaviors in mind. Teens are smart, they fact check and question everything online. The normal anti-abuse messaging campaigns with fear and scare tactics at their core would fail to resonate with these at risk teens. That’s why we took a brave step with our clients and developed a platform where teens who are researching the ingredient can virtually experience it for themselves and come to the obvious conclusion of how DXM abuse is lame.”

Campaign results as of December 10, 2014:

  • Approximately 57,580 downloads to date
  • 650,000+ experiments done with a DEXTROBOT
  • 1MM+ views of DXM Labworks trailer

DXM Labworks will remain The FWA’s MOTD for 24 hours before being listed in The FWA mobile winner archive. Download it now for free on the App Store or Google Play Store. Also, click here to view all past FWA winners from Tribal’s Worldwide offices.

Fry Defender: The World’s First French Fry Security System

November 25th, 2014

Fry theft is prevalent across Canada, which is why McDonald’s Canada introduced the Fry Defender, the world’s first French fry security system that helps stop fry theft.

Created in partnership with Tribal Worldwide Toronto, the new Fry Defender is an upgrade to the existing McDonald’s Canada app, which uses a front-facing camera as a motion detector to turn smartphones into “Frime” fighting machines.

Users of the McDonald’s Canada app simply arm the Fry Defender system and place their phone near their box of fries.  An alarm will sound when movement is detected near their fries and a photo will capture the fry theft, which users can then report to via #stopfrytheft on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To introduce Canadians to the Fry Defender, mobile, social, and preroll advertising launched November 3, as well as an online video. McDonald’s Canada’s new site expands the world of fry theft with fun, shareable content. Users can read up on the different types of fry thieves, compare the most sought-after McDonald’s fries, and explore fry theft throughout history, including the Great Fry Heist of 1974.

Visit Fast Company to learn more.

George Washington University Names Tribal New York Agency of Record

October 20th, 2014

Tribal Worldwide’s office in New York City announced its partnership with the George Washington University (GW), the District of Columbia’s largest institution of higher education. Effective immediately, Tribal New York will serve as GW’s digital media agency of record, handling all digital media strategy and digital media buying, including social, display, search and SEO management.

“We are thrilled to be working with the George Washington University and look forward to helping GW drive enrollments into all of its very prestigious schools and colleges,” said Rich Guest, U.S. President of Tribal Worldwide. “Smart data-driven paid media plans are a critical part of Tribal’s unique service offering, designed to help our clients build brands that act as interfaces with modern consumers.”

Tribal will be carrying out a digital strategy project allowing for GW’s schools to have a holistic channel and media strategy for their graduate school programs and other key units, with the goal of driving interest in the many programs that GW offers.

“We are particularly focused on increasing interest in our graduate school programs and believe that Tribal’s strong background in all things digital will help us reach potential new students,” said Sarah Baldassaro, Associate Vice President for Communications at GW. “We are impressed with Tribal’s strategic and targeted approach to digital advertising.”

Tribal New York has already launched campaigns for GW and strategy work will begin rolling out in November. GW’s digital media services had previously been decentralized.

New Campaign Demonstrates the Harmful Effects of DXM Abuse

October 3rd, 2014


Tribal New York has created a digital campaign and mobile app for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids called “DXM Labworks” that targets teens who know of DXM abuse or have friends who abuse it. Many teens abuse DXM (found in OTC cough medicine) by taking it in large doses to get high, which can cause short-term side effects and serious long-term damage.

A first of its kind, the “DXM Labworks” mobile app lets teens engage with the effects of DXM drug use through interactive robots, and allows teens to virtually experience the side effects by creating their own robot that must perform a series of 12 “tasks” while high on DXM. After the robot has either “Failed” or “Failed less” on each task there is a final “boss” task where the user attempts to stop their robot from puking.

The DXM Labworks campaign ( aims to engage teens with the negative effects/consequences of DXM abuse by conveying two messages:

·  Side effects – through a new mobile app teenagers will be able to interact with robots and experience the effects of DXM without actually taking it themselves

·  Social disapproval – teens focus on social status more than anything else and through interaction with the robots they can see how others (in this case robot friends) are likely to react when on the drug

In addition to the mobile app (available for free from iTunes or Google Play store), the campaign includes banners, an interactive trailer, video ads and a new website.

For additional information, please visit Mashable

Nature Valley* Surprises Urban Kids With A Field Trip

July 24th, 2014

NewsImages-NV-tribal-siteGone are the days when children played outside until they were called inside for dinner. Studies show that kids are growing up without experiencing nature the way previous generations did before them.1 A known champion of exploring the outdoors, the granola bar brand has set out to help kids to rediscover the joy of nature via a new brand action campaign.

“When we learned fewer than one in 10 kids spend time in nature. And that the issue is especially pronounced in low-income areas, we felt compelled to take action,” says Emma Eriksson, director of snacks, General Mills. “We have a long-standing relationship with the Boys & Girls Club of Canada and we believe these kids would really appreciate the chance to explore true nature, something they may have not experienced before.”

A new brand action campaign by Nature Valley is centred on a heart-warming, two-minute online film that follows a group of children from the Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough who were surprised with a field trip. They are unexpectedly taken to a conservation area where they spend the day hiking, going on a scavenger hunt and catching frogs.  Created in partnership with Tribal Worldwide – Toronto, the “Field Trip” film aims to re-inspire Canadians to get outdoors and rediscover nature again.

“Some kids in low-income areas don’t ever leave their own neighbourhoods,” says Joshua Stein, creative director, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto.  “While we know it’s a big issue that can’t be solved by one field trip, we knew the kids would really benefit from it. And a brand taking action like this can sometimes resonate more than an ad.”

In addition to the film, the team has also launched The site features the film alongside additional content that encourages ways to get out and experience the joys of nature, a park finder feature that points to nearby parks and green spaces, product information and an opportunity to make a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Canada.

The national campaign launches on July 21, 2014 and will run for five weeks along with television creative by Cossette, Inc. that re-asserts the need to rediscover nature. 

  1. National Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and Children and Nature Network have all released studies describing: “Fewer than one in ten children regularly play in wild places,” “Only about 10 per cent of kids are spending time outdoors every day,” and “One in 10 children today play outside once a week or less.”

Tribal Worldwide London Creates New Website for Fitness First’s Global Rebrand

July 22nd, 2014


Tribal Worldwide London today announced it has unveiled a new website for gym brand Fitness First, the largest, privately owned health club in the world, which launched this week. The revamped website, has enhanced user experience and navigation and a fully responsive design which enables access at anytime and anywhere for increasingly busy gym users.

The comprehensive refresh is part of Fitness First’s £225m global rebranding, unveiling transformed clubs, a new fitness philosophy and enhanced staff expertise, underpinned by a new brand identity. The punchy, visual style of the new website goes hand in hand with the new promise of the brand to motivate and support members inside and outside the club so they get the maximum benefit from their workout.

The brand meets the trend of busy professionals whose fitness has to suit their style and fit their digital lifestyle and can now access the new site which is built on the latest platform technology. Research by Fitness First reveals that over 50% of UK members access the website on their mobile devices, driving its entry into a new digital era for the brand. Members and non-members can now access classes, learn about new products and connect with their clubs on the go.

The second phase of the digital strategy will be revealed later in the year and see the launch of the new member’s area. Fitness First research highlights that gym users want constant access to expertise, feedback and tracking, which will be delivered through a purpose built digital platform. The new digital landscape will specifically be designed for members of all fitness levels, abilities and experience to track their progress, follow insightful tips and download customised workout plans.

Tom Roberts, Managing Director of Tribal Worldwide London added, “The launch of the new website is a fantastic digital complement to what Fitness First has already done. We are now leading the way into a digital world inside and outside the club to support and motivate members. The Fitness First experience will ultimately provide a holistic service, tailored to each member, which connects their fitness regime with their wider lifestyle.”

David Langridge, Group Marketing Director of Fitness First said, “Our new site provides members with a seamless, more user-friendly experience, fully embodying our new brand. We want to be the fitness leaders and that means to lead the industry in everything we do. We will soon herald a whole new digital era with our connected fitness experience for members, building their confidence wherever they are. This will complement our staff expertise, new clubs and workouts. We worked together with Tribal Worldwide London as they had the right expertise and shared the same digital vision.”

Introducing Peanut Butter Cheerios: The Official Cereal Of Dadhood

July 21st, 2014


Tapping into dad’s desire to connect and engage with his children in a fun and meaningful way, Cheerios has launched a creative campaign for its new Peanut Butter flavour that salutes how awesome it is to be a dad.  Embracing dads as fully capable parents, albeit somewhat more unconventional than moms, the new digitally-led campaign aims to get dads excited to buy Peanut Butter Cheerios and help make breakfast more special for their kids.

“The Cereal category is traditionally more of a health-oriented “Mom” space – even though recent studies show that men do nearly half of the family’s grocery shopping, nothing in the Cereal aisle has ever truly spoken to Dads,” says Jason Doolan, director of marketing, General Mills.  “We’ve set out to change that by celebrating what it means to be an awesome dad.”

Created by Tribal Worldwide Toronto, the socially-driven campaign features an upbeat online video that celebrates the insight that dads parent differently, and places Peanut Butter Cheerios at the heart of all the zany, funny and epic situations that kids get themselves into under dad’s watch.  The video then drives viewers to for bite-sized sharable content that resonates with dads.  Four 15-second preroll spots, widespread display advertising and targeted promoted social posts round out the program, which is all unified under the #HowToDad tagline.

“It just made sense to declare Peanut Butter Cheerios as ‘The Official Cereal of Dadhood,’ because like great dads, Peanut Butter Cheerios lie somewhere in the intersection of awesome and responsible,” says Josh Stein, creative director, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto. “Dads are awesome and it’s awesome to be a dad.  The new campaign creatively acknowledges that today, dads play a significant role in raising children, and celebrate their contribution.

“The Official Cereal of Dadhood” launched on July 21, 2014 and will run until the fall.