Cancer Council NSW and Tribal DDB Call on Australians to Commit in 2012

January 25th, 2012

Australians can now have a better understanding of what causes cancer, learn ways to prevent it and commit to a healthier lifestyle at a touch of a button, thanks to an Australian-first interactive online cancer infographic launched by Cancer Council NSW and Tribal DDB.

The cancer infographic,  Hope – Turning the Page on Cancer, uses creative design and an interactive build to demystify cancer myths and reveal evidence-based facts on what causes cancer, primary risk factors and the five pillars of prevention.


“The Feeling is First Class”

January 6th, 2012

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has launched a campaign to communicate Changi Airport’s brand appeal and experience to its travelers. Eschewing the traditional formula of enumerating facilities and services, the campaign sets out to raise the emotional quotient of the airport by focusing on the traveler experience.

Developed by Tribal DDB Singapore, the campaign which kicks off with a 90-second brand video, embodies the brand promise of ‘The Feeling is First Class’ to showcase some of Changi Airport’s best kept secrets.


Volkswagen Singapore and Tribal DDB Launch First Augmented Reality Print in Singapore, Powered by Apple iOS devices

January 6th, 2012

A new augmented reality experience greeted Singaporeans on the first day of the new year. An interactive print advertisement placed by Volkswagen Singapore in the local daily, The Straits Times, allowed readers – for the first time – to partake in user interaction with a print ad using their Apple iOS devices to discover the whole range of Volkswagen models.


KLM Inspires Customers Through Experience Platform at

December 5th, 2011

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has introduced an innovative online platform on, in which videos, audio and images encourage visitors to experience KLM products and services. Uniquely, interactive triggers allow users to “zoom” to the experience layer without leaving the page. The interactive platform was conceived by Tribal DDB Amsterdam and developed by KLM IT Development.


Canada Invites Travelers to Explore Like a Local

November 15th, 2011

Canadian Tourism Commission launches new travel tool powered by travelers, for travelers

Taking a bold step by providing a place for locals and travelers to serve as advocates for the country, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) offers a dynamic new tool allowing travelers access to authentic trip advice from those who know the real Canada.  The Explore Canada Like a Local website and mobile app enhances the Canadian travel experience by sharing insider information on thousands of spots of interest, enabling travelers to plan their journey; serving as a comprehensive guide during their trip; and allowing travelers to share their own Canadian travel tips with other travelers.


Get Obsessed with Sound

September 8th, 2011

Tribal DDB Amsterdam has launched “Obsessed with Sound,” a new interactive audiovisual online experience for Philips. The campaign, which promotes the quality of the Philips audio range, launches across 11 markets including Germany, France, Russia, UK, USA, Brazil, Argentina and India.

The website gives the audience a unique opportunity to see and hear the GRAMMY Award-winning Dutch Metropole Orchestra as they perform a specifically composed orchestral piece. Throughout the performance, users can interactively isolate any one of the 51 individual musicians to hear every detail of their musical contribution.

The premise of the “Obsessed with Sound” campaign is to hear every detail. So often, the nuances of sound and music get lost when listening on low-grade speakers. This Interactive Orchestra gives consumers a more tangible feel for the difference made by Philips’ audio products.

Philips is serious about sound. That’s why it collaborated with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra –famous for its nonclassical approach to orchestral compositions. On the website users can watch the music video directed by Rob Chiu (The Ronin), accompanied by the Interactive Orchestra. A click of the mouse will highlight a user’s musician of choice and isolate the specific instrumental track, giving an unusual way to hear every detail throughout the composition.


Neutrogena Launches First-Ever Photo Flash-Mob to Encourage Fun Under The Sun

August 10th, 2011

Tribal DDB Singapore and J&J Neutrogena Launch Collaborative Project

Tribal DDB and Johnson & Johnson have staged the first-ever photo-mob via popular photo-sharing app Instagram for its Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sun block. The objective: To get youths who enjoy the sun to protect themselves with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, as it provides up to 3x longer UVA protection*.


The GTI Experiment

July 21st, 2011

The team in Barcelona launched a new campaign for Volkswagen called #GolfGTIExperiment ( The campaign featured a real experiment with real people, conducted by research group, GFK. The research utilized neuro-marketing techniques to discover why the Volkswagen Golf GTI is such a loved and desired car.

Tribal DDB Spain also produced a short documentary about the experiment. Check it out!


Prepare for the Wheel of Concept PR Edition

July 14th, 2011

After the smashing success of the first Wheel of Concept – spun by over 150,000 professionals already – we decided to extend a helping hand to other disciplines as well.

Behold The Wheel of Concept – PR Edition. Full of ground-breaking strategies ready to spin the odds in your favor and project your brand into the stratosphere of notoriety.

Not to say that we reinvented the wheel, but we kind of did.


Wheel of Concept: A New Spin on Inspiration

July 6th, 2011

When the client presentation is an hour away and you need impactful ideas immediately, look no further than the Wheel of Concept. This digital tool serves up pre-packaged client-focused cutting-edge ideas, taking inspirational pressure off overworked creatives. Simply go to, enter your client’s brand name and spin the wheel. Your concept will be branded with your client’s logo for you on a ready-to-print PDF presentation board. Making your client happy 100% of the time has never been easier. Now with the new Wheel of Concept, thinking is one less think you have to think about.

Creative Director: Saman Rahmanian
Management Supervisor: Joshua Lenze
Copywriter: Hunter Simms
Art Director: Sherina Florence
Sound Design: Antony Demekhin
Programming: Andronicus Riyono
Voice Talent: Steve Brauntuch